Among those goals is writing in public more, so here we go:

Life Experiences

List of life experiences that I'd like to have in 2023

Indoor Skydiving

A warm-up for skydiving before doing the real thing. Is cheaper (~£50) and less daunting that the real thing. If I like it, I'll proceed with an actual jump (~£200) and then I'll see if I want to go through a skydiving certification

Scuba diving baptism

Probably in Menorca, another warm-up to decide if I like it enough to pursue a PADI certification, with the final goal of doing some cave diving. For this activity, I'm definitely influenced by my experience of doing cave diving in the video game Minecraft. I'd like to try the experience in the real world!

Watch the Northern lights

I haven't planned this at all. But of course, it needs to be done in the north of the globe. I need to research what time of the year and locations are best.

See the stars somewhere in the US

This is unlikely to happen in 2023 as the planning is probably more complex and I've never gone to the US. But I'll leave here as a testimony of my intention!

Renew my Spanish driving license

Easiest one on the list, and happening and the end of March. Getting the driving practice may be a little harder as driving schools are always quite busy.

  • Get 4h of driving practice in the EU
  • Get 4h of driving practice in the UK

Try mushrooms

I'll watch first the famous Netflix documentary about psychedelics and then I'll if I'm convinced enough to give it a try.