Hi! Thanks for passing by my small corner on the web. I'm Jon.

I currently work as a Senior Software Developer at an international visual effects company in London, where I work in several projects helping our artists to streamline their workflow and deliver more value in less time.

On the side, I'm looking for partners (technical or not) to engage in side projects that could evolve into businesses.

Currently, I spend most of my free time filling the gaps that the educational system left in my maths knowledge and adding more physics knowledge to my head. In 2019 I decided that if I'm going to live once, I'd like to live knowing a little more how the reality works at a fundamental level. I'm very pragmatic by nature so this is probably one of my first activities, in years, where I don't expect anything more than enjoying the pursuit of more knowledge.

I was born in Spain and moved to the United Kingdom in 2017, I have been living in London since then and enjoy the city, the people and its opportunities a lot. If you are close by and want to have a coffee or a beer, don't be shy to contact me!