About Me tl;dr I do stuff on my computer and spend a lot of time talking, reading, thinking, and being curious about the world, technology and people.

§ Career trajectory My first contact with programming was when I was 15, using PAWN to make mods for a videogame called GTA: San Andreas. Also, after watching the movie ‘Hackers’ I wanted to become one, and that’s how started my career in technology. I studied Computer Science at University of the Basque Country for three years, before dropping out. I prefer to learn by doing, instead of just studying the theory. I should thank the uni because it helped me to realize the importance of self-learning. During my first year of uni, I found useful to learn Python to make my own scripts, and learned C# while making games with Unity3D. In 2014, during my second year of university, I co-founded the first Basque Association for Videogame Developers with the mission of gathering and feature the activity of videogame developers around the Basque Country. Because of the association, I started to work in Camp Tecnologico, an edtech company organizing summer camps and courses to increase the interest of young kids in technology and programming. I grow an interest in business (that is still with me today) and decided to take a two years course on Accounting and Finance. Dropped out the course after one year, wasn’t happy at all with the content of the course and started working at a company. After one year and a half working there, I moved permanently to London trying to move my career from education to software development. I started to work as freelance and after a year, I’m looking to growth my career joining a company. § Personal I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of humanity. How the future will looks like and how the society will have changed. I love virtual reality as technology, but I’m skeptical of it until it mixes with brain-computer interfaces to provide a real immersive reality. I’d love to travelling the world and work remotely. More and more, there are jobs that don’t require a physical presence and IT is one of them. I definitively want to create one (or several) successful businesses in the future. I think that having your own business makes the earnings depending all upon you. And this way you have the chance to work on your dreams instead for the dreams of others. Venture Capitalism is super attractive to me because of the possibility of invest in people that want to change or improve something that matters to them. I always say that I’d love to work on VC without the high earnings, just enough to survive and save for the future. I don’t like to spend time in house chores or cooking, I wait for the day where we can automate all those task that we don’t want to do and spent our lives in things that matters more to us. When I have to do something, I look for the best process to do it. I love to read about sucessful business and their founders, their lives and how did they start, where they came from. I truly believe that space is the future of humanity, we can’t have all our eggs in the same basket. We must leave Earth and colonize more planets, beyond our solar system. Practical philosophy on how to live a good life is a topic that really attracts me. In the same way, psychology and why humans behave in certain way is another interesting topic. I used to play a lot of videogames, I play less often now, and mostly short games or games that explore topics as those described above. Education and learning programming is a strong topic in which I’m invested, I’m willing to write more technical articles and tutorials. Improving education is key for our future. I appreciate to have insighfuls conversations about different topics but I can’t hold chit-chat for too much time. I love technology in general!